More Bicycle Dashboard Updates

I just pushed a couple usability tweaks to the bicycle dashboard app.  First, the profile you're viewing is now persisted in a cookie, as well as session, when you return to the app, you'll still be viewing the same thing, even if your session expired.  Before you'd always revert back to me, and while I'm ridiculously good looking, there isn't a picture of me in the app, so all you get to see is my boring numbers.

Second, I resorted the ride listing so that by default the most recent ride is at the top.  That's what I'd intended from the beginning, but it didn't work, and I hadn't taken the time to figure out why until now.  Turns out that my reference maintenance code reorders stuff when new data is pulled in and it does the state substitution on existing entities.  It uses a couple Dictionary objects as lookups for the substitutions, and they don't maintain insertion ordering (and why should they?), and I didn't consider the ramifications.  But that's fixed now, and also means that the bike selector when adding a new ride will work "correctly" in that it'll automatically select the bike you've ridden most recently, rather than the one your rode first.

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