Public SVN Access

To this point I've kept all my personal projects in a private SVN repository, but Joe wanted access to the source of my bicycle dashboard, so I opened it up to anonymous read access at  I'll probably end up opening a few other projects as well (like my award winning schema tool, which has some major updates close to release), so stay tuned.

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  1. Sean Corfield

    Any thoughts on changing your projects to Apache Source License 2.0 so that they can be used more easily by people working in corporates?

  2. Ajeet

    I have one issue being facing and hope you will defntly help me in this regard.I want to know how can one access public SVN through the browser?I mean if the path is https://sitename/../.. etc etc…How will I edit a file in that.I am providing the credential and successfullly able to browse the directory but how can i edit the one file in that.
    Hope you will help me in this reagrds.

  3. Ajeet

    Thanks for the quick reply…
    I have tortiose SVN running in the Windows machine but when I try to provide the URL through repository browser I dint see username and passwd asking..So did it fail to open the repo structure…Can you tell me how can I get that window..or I need to do some settings on that…I tried the alternative way around.I created one folder on D: and right clicked and created the repository.Next I tried to import the whole project in that folder..but then it seemd useless becoz I need to only add 1 file to a folder…why shud I consume the whole space.anyway I tried but the same issue.
    Plz Help me in this regard.I am completely stuck!!!!

  4. Alexander Groß


    I've found your post while I was looking for the exact same solution: I want to have one public folder in my repo (anoymous reads, authenticated writes) but was fighting with Apache's config the whole day and didn't get it working. Can you please send me the relevant config entries for Apache and the svnaccess file?

    Thanks, Alex

  5. Alexander Groß

    Thanks, works like a charm now!