June 2007

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Help Me: Per-Post Uploads in Firefox on Linux

WordPress has the ability to upload files directly on the add/edit post/page form, which is really handy.  However, I can't get it to work with FireFox on Linux ( and CentOS 4, respectively); the section of the form just doesn't show up.  The IFRAME that houses it is in the page, but it's zero-height for [...]

Between Posts Plugin for WordPress

I wrote a little WordPress plugin for managing content between posts on listing pages.  Since those listings are time based, the "between" space is governed by the date range between the posts above and below it.  The actual impetus for it was to inject a history of my bike rides into my blog, without them [...]

The Woes of Flex

I've been working on a big Flex project for a while now, and boy is it a pain. I have to give Adobe credit for making straightforward quite simple (linked DataGrids with drag'n'drop selection is a snap), but once you get past the basics of the framework, it gets cumbersome quickly. Flex 3 [...]

Riding My Bike

No, not my motorcycle, an actual bicycle. With the move last month, I'm now just shy of 10 miles from the office, which is a far more reasonable bicycle commute than the 20+ I was before. Not to say that 20 miles is an incredibly long ride, but more than I'd want to [...]

CF8 Bug Fixed

I have to give some props to the Adobe CF team.  Yesterday I reported a bug in CF8 via the Adobe bug report/feature request form.  In a nutshell:
There is a change in behaviour between CF6/7 and CF8 with CFQUERY's NAME attribute.  The earlier versions allow the empty string to be passed, but CF8 didn't (it [...]

i wanna go wii, part three (FuzzyDates)

After a couple hours of packaging, I really need to go wii, so I threw one more little bit of code at Ben’s CFUNITED/Wii contest. This time it's a fuzzy date library with two UDFs: fuzzyDateFormat, and fuzzyTimespanFormat.  They do about what you'd expect (thing GMail's timestamp formatting or Trac's age formatting), and I [...]

i wanna go wii, part two (SchemaTool)

I've been using a little schema management tool for a while now, and thought I'd release it into the wild.  And I just submitted it to Ben's CFUNITED/Wii contest. The submitted build is available here, as well as on Ben's site (post-contest).
In a nutshell, the tool provides a home for storing all your schema [...]

i wanna go wii, part one (TransactionAdvice)

I relicensed my ColdSpring AOP transaction advice under the ASL and just submitted it to Ben's CFUNITED/Wii contest. The submitted build (with no significant changes aside from licensing) is available here, as well as on Ben's site (post-contest).