Interesting @task Edition Breakdown

The operational support team where I work uses a product called @task for trouble tickets, and I'm currently build some Subversion/Trac integration pieces so that we can keep everything in sync between us (the developers) and them.  I saw they have a SOAP interface for the product, but made an interesting discovery: it's only available as part of the Enterprise edition of the software.  That's not totally irrational on it's own, but what I found a bit strange is that both Professional and Enterprise editions expose an EJB (yeah, Enterprise Java Beans) interface.  It doesn't matter a whole lot, and I honestly prefer an SSB EJB interface over a SOAP one, since I'm building the client in Java anyway (with Spring, of course), but I thought it was interesting. Reklama: sidabriniai ziedai ir auskarai, dezutes, pakabukai, sidabrines grandineles, apyrankes, moterims, vyrams ir vaikams – Silvera

One response to “Interesting @task Edition Breakdown”

  1. Mike Rankin

    Enterprise edition = key product features that we feel we can extort more money from you with.