Calling all Gaget (Specifically GPS) Geeks

I'm trying to find a GPS unit for myself, and am struggling. I figured since my blog has a fairly technical audience of varied backgrounds, there's probably a bunch of people out there reading who might offer some insight. Here are the specifics of what I'm looking for, in decreasing order of import:

  • detailed 4-space (lat, long, alt, time) logging. Ideally configurable down to the once-per-second level.
  • storage on removable media (like an SD card)
  • quick-acquisition and accurate chip
  • ability to do mapping/driving directions/POIs (standard "GPS unit" stuff)
  • internal, rechargeable battery
  • be a cell phone
  • motorcycle mountable for power and stability (requires left-handed buttons, and only useful if it does mapping/directions/POIs)
  • run JME (ideally with access to the GPS chip's serial port and removable media). This would theoretically alleviate the need for built-in logging, as I could write my own.
  • car mountable for power at least, and probably stability

As you can tell, I'm not really looking for something mainstream. I'm looking for something that'll give me huge amounts of data about my whereabouts, specifically when I'm on my bicycle or motorcycle. I've found a handful of units that would probably do what I want, but the specs are very vague, so it's hard to tell for sure.

If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, or comments, I'm all ears….

5 responses to “Calling all Gaget (Specifically GPS) Geeks”

  1. jeremy

    you should check out NaviGadget. Best GPS related blog ever.

  2. Wayne

    Have a look at the Nokia N95, it has a built in GPS which is fine for most uses, when you need more accuracy then combine it with a cheap external bluetooth GPS receiver and its as good as anything out there. Also there is a firmware update due in August which will add Assisted GPS to the phone, someone using the beta reported that it will track them walking through their house.

    The one thing that may swing it for you is Nokia Sport Tracker –

  3. Brian

    you should check out Lunareye they have personal trackers that may fit close to what you are looking for.


  4. Nick Kwiatkowski

    Have you thought about using the Microsoft's PocketStreets / Microsoft bluetooth reciever? Just about any Windows Mobile PDA, you can run Pocket Streets, sync up with the GPS (that can be easily attached to a downtube or something). It can then transfer the traveled route to regular Microsoft Streets on your PC when your ride is done…

  5. Niklas Richardson

    You should check out the KeyMaze 300 from Geonaute which has GPS and also allows you to export to Google Maps. It's pretty cool!—m/gps/product_8035650/index.html

    And for fun: