ColdSpring Presentation

Last night I presented at the Portland CFUG/ASUG about ColdSpring. There were at about 25 people in attendance, both in the room and watching via Breeze. Here's a link to my presentation files, and Sim will be posted them to the PDXCFUG site as well. He'll also put up a link to the Breeze preso (we recorded it) for anyone who missed it live.

All in all, I think the presentation went pretty well. As I started writing it, I realized that there was no way I was going to even do the slightest approximation of justice in just an hour, so I was a bit nervous going in. However, I think I managed to at least get people's eyes open to some of the stuff ColdSpring can do for them, and how it can help you write maintainable applications faster and with less fuss.

6 responses to “ColdSpring Presentation”

  1. Dave Ross

    I found out @ CFUnited that an hour is simply not enough time to introduce an audience to *both* Ioc/DI and AOP. I kept saying things like "now, I could spend an entire hour on this slide, but in a nutshell…"

  2. Maxim Porges

    I would agree, but I found 90 minutes at the Frameworks conference to be just enought to do my Spring/Java presentation, covering both IoC and AOP with sample code and running examples in CF and Java.

    You've got to boil it down to the essentials, but it is possible.

  3. charlie arehart

    Hey Barney, just so you know, I've posted the presentation recording URL to my UGTV repository ( Sadly, it seems that some of the beginning was chopped off.

  4. Aaron


    I noticed in the preso that you had a source and design tab at the bottom of the editor window in Eclipse. What plugin do you have installed to get design view functionality in Eclipse?