JavaScript Prompts on IE7

Just ran into an interesting problem with IE7.  It doesn't seem to allow JavaScript prompts without confirming with the user that it should allow them – per page.  I'm not sure what the logic is, but perhaps mitigating certain types of XSS attacks?  Something to watch out for, I guess.

3 responses to “JavaScript Prompts on IE7”

  1. Patrick Whittingham

    check it out…

    The ie7 release notes are available to all:

    Users are presented an information bar with an option to 'temporarily allow scripted windows for this site'. It is quite annoying that script execution proceeds while the user may be busy clicking and reading the information windows.

    The default behavior can be changed in Tools > Internet Options > Security > enable 'allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows'.

  2. Mike

    Thanks Patrick!

    You saved my bacon.

  3. Dave

    Yes thanks a lot Patrick, you just solve a recurring issue we had here.