October 2006

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Tags in Subversion

A while back, I posted an entry about using Subversion and just got a comment on it a day or two ago with a question about tags.  Tags are absolutely essential in CVS, but in Subversion, they're a bit less required.  Still very useful, however.
In a nutshell, a tag is a named handle on a [...]

Now only Mostly Human

For the first time in my life, I'm now only mostly human.  Yesterday I had hernia surgery and got a plastic mesh implant to help strengthen the hole in my abdominal wall where the plumbing for my testicles passes through.  In a nutshell, the hole is supposed to be tight (only enough to let the [...]

To Closure Or Not To Closure

Sean, programmer extrordinaire, released a closures library for CF and it's generated a lot of interest.  Unfortunately, a lot of the interest has been of the "what are closures and what are they good for" type.  So I thought I'd contribute my thoughts.
Closures, at a most basic level, are functions defined inside a scope of [...]

Charlie's Stalking

Charlie Arehart is stalking bloggers, and wants the bloggers to help.  Just kidding, of course, but he makes a good point about the anonymity of a lot of blogs.  I can't say I'm all over the personal sharing, but I've at least got my name and a contact form available.  People can build enormous personal [...]

Google Screwed Up?

Part of the application I spend most of my time working on is consumption and aggregation of XML feeds, and when the month of October turned, and interesting thing happened: processing a significant number of feeds suddenly started erroring.  We don't do it manually, instead using the very capable rssatom.cfc from Roger Benningfield, so the [...]