EmailReader CFC 0.1 Nearing Completion

The first feature complete version of my EmailReader component is nearing completion.  I've got it all working with the exception of attachment and message deletion, and it's looking pretty nice.

I'd originally planned on making it an "abstract" base class that you would extend to add your application-specific functionality.  However, like so many initial designs, further reflection illustrated that the standard "favor composition over inheritance" recommendation applied here too.  So while I've left in the ability to extend the component and override the default handleMessage method, I've also provided support for supplying a message handler to the instance that must provide the same method.

In reality, only the latter is supported and the message handler just defaults to this, but the effect is the appearance of supporting both.  Oh abstraction, once again you save the day.

Hopefully I'll get the delete methods and some docs banged out, and release a first version this week (under a liberal license, of course).  But no promises.

2 responses to “EmailReader CFC 0.1 Nearing Completion”

  1. Nathan Strutz

    Sorry for being dense, but what exactly is the EmailReader cfc for? I mean, like, it sounds like it checks a POP3 email account, am I wrong? Anyways, can't wait to see what you've done. I have an upcomming project that may be a good fit to test your component, so do keep us updated! thanks :)

  2. Barney


    I'd started writing a better description, but decided halfway through to make it a separate entry for general consumption.