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More Blank Message Info

After another day of fighting the blank message demons, I've assembled some more information.  On October 1st, Gmail
started using the Base-64 transfer encoding on messages I sent.  I
sent two messages to CFCDev on the 6th, and then it wasn't until the 13th
(when the problem first came to my attention) that I sent any other
messages to [...]

'Blank Barney Messages'

Over the past couple days, there have been numerous complaints about
my messages showing up blank in various people's inboxes, and I'm
trying to nail down why.  Here's what I suspect has happened:
started (at some unknown point) sending messages with a base-64 content
transfer encoding.  Mailing list software often appends a footer to
the bottom of the message, and [...]

ColdFusion and Batik

I've been using SVG for custom charting stuff for several years now,and it's really nice. Only problem is that it requires an SVG plugin, and it's not very common. No big deal for admin sites, but for more public usage, that's pretty much a concept killer.
Enter Batik.
Batik is a Java SVG implementation by [...]

The Encapsulated Hack

As is pretty obvious, I'm a big fan of good OO design.  But I'm
a bigger fan of maintainable apps, and one of my favorite tricks when
evolving apps is what I call the "encapsulated hack."
Take, for
example, a CFC that needs access to an
application-scope variable.  What's the right solution? 
Package the variable up in such a way that [...]

Designing an OO Backend

As follow-up for my 'Impetus for an OO Backend' post from a couple
weeks ago, I wanted to talk about some approach designing an OO
backend. Again, I'm going to attempt brevity and undoubtedly end up
being long winded, and I'm going to again intentionally skip
implementation details. Finally, there will be almost no mention of UIs
at all; I'm [...]

CF7, Web Services, and null

I discovered today (after many hours of debugging), that if you have
web service method declared to return 'any' on CF6.1, you can return
null without incident.  However, if you're on CF7, it causes an
NPE to be thrown.  To illustrate what I mean, take this
[abbreviated] code:

That function will work happily if served by CF6.1 and [...]

Remote Diff

Ever wanted to do a diff between a local file and a remote one?  I have, so I wrote a simple shell script that'll do it for you.  It requires scp, diff, and rm to be available on your system, which should be the case on any modern *nix.  The -b option to diff tells [...]

Good UI Design

I'm a stickler for good UI design.  I don't claim to be a wiz
at it myself, though I'd like to think I'm better than many.  I
love coming across web sites that are a breeze to use.  Hell, I
love coming across web sites that aren't painful to use.  In a fit
of spastic home-all-alone Googling, I hit [...]

Eclipse's Incremental Find

Little Eclipse gem I just found.  On the in-file Find dialog,
there's an "incremental" checkbox.  If you check it, Eclipse will
find the first match as you type, updating for every keystroke,
just like FireFox's in-page text searching.  I've longed for that
feature for months, and never noticed that it was sitting there right
under my nose.

Ant For Server Configuration

I use Apache ant for a lot of things, almost none of which have anything
to do with building software. Simeon knows
much of what I do with it from the course of various discussions, and while
he was using it for something a week or two ago, he suggested that I blog
about some of my experience. [...]