More Blank Message Info

After another day of fighting the blank message demons, I've assembled some more information.  On October 1st, Gmail
started using the Base-64 transfer encoding on messages I sent.  I
sent two messages to CFCDev on the 6th, and then it wasn't until the 13th
(when the problem first came to my attention) that I sent any other
messages to that list.  I believe this explains how the problem
went from it's initial cause to where we are today with such a long
delay.  As I said before, the HoF lists don't have this issue,
because they're not going through a listserv, but rather a CF

Interestingly, GMail doesn't seem to be using Base-64 for all
it's sent messages; only those for certain accounts go out with that
encoding.  I checked the sent mail from another account and it is
still sending messages with quoted-printable encoding.  I'd be
interested to know if any other people are sending with Base-64 from
their accounts ('show original' on one of your sent messages).

A couple posts on the BD-interest mailing list revealed the same
issues as on CFCDev.  This confirms (or at least provides heavy
support for it) my suspicion that misbehaving mailing list software is
where the problem resides.  The BD-interest list is using IMail
from IPSwitch, though an older version.  When Ray gets back from
MAX we'll see if he's using the same thing for CFCDev.

2 responses to “More Blank Message Info”

  1. Bob

    I am an email administrator for a private international school in Korea. We are using Ipswitch's Imail. On a daily basisI recieve about 8-10 blank email messages. There is no To: no From: no Subject or Body. We are using imail's listserver and I have suspected that the messages were coming from the lists some how. I wondered if they are coming from blank lines at the bottom of the address entries for a certain list. But I haven't been able to nail it down. If anyone knows an answer I would love to hear it
    Bob Elliott

  2. JohnK

    Bob – Did you ever figure this out?? I have the same issue…