Eclipse's Incremental Find

Little Eclipse gem I just found.  On the in-file Find dialog,
there's an "incremental" checkbox.  If you check it, Eclipse will
find the first match as you type, updating for every keystroke,
just like FireFox's in-page text searching.  I've longed for that
feature for months, and never noticed that it was sitting there right
under my nose.

5 responses to “Eclipse's Incremental Find”

  1. bob

    I found that one awhile back, it is nice, the same feature also works in Aqua Data Studio very handy when searching for column names in 100 line query. One feature I just noticed that is semi-cool is that the search results are displayed in the scrollbar with little light gray "bookmarks" that you can click on to jump to specific locations.

  2. Tom Cornilliac

    Nice find! (Pun intended)

  3. Aleš

    CTRL+J does incremental find without opening the search dialog box that can get in the way at times. Pressing up or down arrow keys after typing something will jump to the next occurrence. I found this very effective for cycling through tags or todo: comments. To get out of this "mode" use left or right arrow key.

  4. Barney

    Ales, that's awesome! Great tip.

  5. michal kuzownikow

    is, in eclipse, a shortcut to move focus from any place (ex. package explorer) back to java editor window? something like reverse shift+alt+W pressed in java editor.