'Blank Barney Messages'

Over the past couple days, there have been numerous complaints about
my messages showing up blank in various people's inboxes, and I'm
trying to nail down why.  Here's what I suspect has happened:

started (at some unknown point) sending messages with a base-64 content
transfer encoding.  Mailing list software often appends a footer to
the bottom of the message, and when that footer is textually appended
to a base-64 encoded message, the result is an invalid message. 
The proper method would be to decode the base-64 message, add the
footer, and then optionally reencode it.  Once you receive such an
invalid message, some client appear to be able to read it, and others
just render a blank message.

this is the fact that no one has complained about email coming directly
from me, or via the House of Fusion lists (which don't actually use a
mailing list server).  So, if you receive a blank email from me
(or anyone else), please let me know, either by emailing me, or by
commenting on this post.  Please include your name, email, where
you got the message from (i.e. what mailing list), and what email
client you're using.  Hopefully with some more data, I can get
this problem nailed down, and see about getting fixed.


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