December 2004

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User Error!!!

So my problem from last night where CFCs wouldn't work on the URL turned out to be a conflict between CFMX and BlueDragon. I don't have CFMX installed on my box any more, but when I uninstalled it, it left a couple Axis config files in a WEB-INF directory. BD, being the well-behaved [...]

BlueDragon Update (a nice one!)

After getting blasted by the NewAtlanta folks in private (which I don't deny I deserved), I thought I should add some more context for my previous posts about BlueDragon.
First, I'm using BD 6.2 Beta, so bugs are to be expected, and in that sense, I don't really have any grounds for complaining when things don't [...]

The Dragon is at it Again

I was just about to come say how happy I am with BlueDragon 6.2 in comparison to how I was two weeks ago. I've had great success working with my framework and getting it moving along nicely. But, then I started on the frontend of a project I've been working on separately, and [...]

Where's The Boisvert Life??

If you came to '' looking for The Boisvert Life, it's been moved to it's own domain: ''. I usually go to great lengths to ensure that I don't change URLs on people, but in this case, my hand was forced by some internal changes I had to make. Apologies for any inconvenience; [...]

More BlueDragon Fun

I've been continuing to work with BD 6.2 beta, and having pretty good success. There have been a pretty substantial number of bumps along the way, but none of them have been show stoppers, and it is a beta offering, so it's not supposed to be perfect. All in all, things are going [...]

BlueDragon Update

Well, after a couple days of using the BlueDragon 6.2 beta, I haven't found any major problems with it. There have been a few little bugs, but nothing show stopping yet. As well as the CFC location issues that were driving me nuts, they fixed the issue with calling overloaded Java methods.
In 6.1, [...]

String Concatenation Tricks

Massive string concatenation isn't used all that often in CF, but it's sometimes needed. My most common use is probably creating text-only emails. You can do it with the output stream directly, but you usually run into problems with an extra line break here or there, because of the way your CF tags [...]

BlueDragon 6.2 Beta

I downloaded and installed BlueDragon 6.2 Beta this evening, and as if by magic, the error messages disappeared, and for the first time in quite a while, I actually got a request to run from top to bottom without an error message!! Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.
At the very least, I should [...]