More BlueDragon Fun

I've been continuing to work with BD 6.2 beta, and having pretty good success. There have been a pretty substantial number of bumps along the way, but none of them have been show stoppers, and it is a beta offering, so it's not supposed to be perfect. All in all, things are going well.

Then I went to upgrade my server (the one running this site). Oof. Tried uninstalling 6.1. Failure. Tried reinstalling 6.1. Failure. Tried deleting all the 6.1 crap (including that pesky /usr/local/NewAtlanta/.registry file) and reinstalling 6.1. Failure. Tried downloading the 6.2 beta from New Atlanta's web site. Error because they have some weird HTTPS -> HTTP transition that lynx and w3m can't deal with. Tried their FTP server. Not accepting connections. Tried downloading it to my laptop, and then uploading it to my server. Corrupted archive. Try downloading it on my linux box at home to upload. Won't go past ~6MB. Try again. Same result. Try to start a session on my powerbook and hijack it with lynx after the HTTPS -> HTTP transition. Denied. Try the FTP server again, and it thankfully lets me in. No ls command though. Finally figure out I have to switch from passive to active FTP and I can do 'ls'. Download the beast.

45MB later…. Delete all my 6.1 stuff from the several installs (backing up my config, of course). Run the 6.2 installer. Like a champ. None of my sites work though. Cycle BD and Apache. Still nothing. Run a ps auwx | grep java on there, and to my surprise, I've got 5 independant BD processes running!! Manually kill everything, restarting BD, and viola!

So now that they've got the CFC bugs worked out, definitely time to spend a little effort on the start/stop scripts and the install/uninstall procedure. Fortunately that's stuff that I don't use much, so it won't really bother me if they don't.

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