User Error!!!

So my problem from last night where CFCs wouldn't work on the URL turned out to be a conflict between CFMX and BlueDragon. I don't have CFMX installed on my box any more, but when I uninstalled it, it left a couple Axis config files in a WEB-INF directory. BD, being the well-behaved J2EE application that it is, was trying to use them, rather than it's own, because it assumed they were placed there intentionally to override it's internal ones. Just a simple matter of deleting those files and problem gone. Yay!

I do have to give NewAtlanta props for being on the ball getting issues like this resolved. One of their engineers figured out exactly what the problem was for me, with no input from me except a copy of the error message (and that routed through a couple other people), and within a matter of hours, I had a description of the problem, how it happened, and how to solve it. This is the shining example, but for pretty much every problem I've had, I've gotten a personal response back with either help to resolve it, or at least confirmation that it's a bug, and that it's now known and will be fixed.

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