BlueDragon Update

Well, after a couple days of using the BlueDragon 6.2 beta, I haven't found any major problems with it. There have been a few little bugs, but nothing show stopping yet. As well as the CFC location issues that were driving me nuts, they fixed the issue with calling overloaded Java methods.

In 6.1, you simply couldn't call overloaded methods if the only difference between the methods was the type of the parameters, and one type was a subclass of another type. An example is the format method of the java.text.SimpleDateFormat class. It has both format(java.lang.Object) and format(java.util.Date) varieties, and since Date is a subclass of Object, BD refused to differentiate between them and threw an error if you tried to call the method. JavaCast is of no help here, because it only deals with primative types. CFMX has always used the "closest" type, so if you pass a CF date, it will assume you want the Date version. Fortunately that's fixed in the 6.2 beta, which opens up a whole world of possibilities for using Java classes.

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