Death to BlueDragon!!

More fun with BlueDragon tonight. I've never gotten BD to connect to apache2 on my mac. New Atlanta didn't bother to include a connector that actually works, even though BD will happily attempt to connect itself. So tonight, I thought that I'd reinstall a new version of BD, since there were a couple bug reports in the database that suggested this might have been fixed. I've managed to hobble along until now using the internal web server, but that's not going to fly any more, as I need to have CFML and JSP running on the same apache vhost, and the BD doesn't do JSPs in the free edition.

First time running the installer and it says "you need to uninstall first". That makes sense, so I go run the uninstaller and delete the remaining tidbits. "You need to uninstall first." Go empty my trash, delete the various installer log and error files. "You need to uninstall first." Find the startup item still lingering, along with a few preference files, and delete those too. "You need to uninstall first." Do a search over my entire hard disk for anything with 'bluedragon' in the name, and delete everything except for a couple files from Dreamweaver and CFEclipse. "You need to uninstall first." At this point there is literally NOTHING related to BlueDragon anywhere on the computer, aside from the installer, the ZIP the installer came in, and the PDF-format compatibility guide. I shut down Apache just for good measure. "You need to uninstall first."

Fuck BlueDragon.

2 responses to “Death to BlueDragon!!”

  1. Mike Tangorre

    That has to be the funnsiest ending to a story I heard in awhile.. well done! LOL… still chuckling.

    Mike T. :-)

  2. Lomotron

    Anyway, probably you fixed it or found some other solution meanwhile. But anyway, for all the googlers around: The installer sometimes leaves registry keys in hkey_(local or current?)/software/new atlanta[..], which need to be removed before installing…