I installed BlueDragon on my server a while back, so that I just throw together a little comment management script for the blogs in CFML, rather than JSP. Since then I haven't used it much until the last week or two. I wrote a very simple FB4 site with an access-controlled section for the Fusebox development team, and promptly spent about five days trying to get it to work on BlueDragon.

The first round of problems were with the core files themselves. Nothing major, just various little bits of unsupported syntax (like using a string on the left side of a CFSET). Next was some enormous problems with using CFCs. I have two CFCs in the app, and I eventually discovered that if the CFC file is changed, you need to kill off any cached instances or you'll get all kinds of trouble. Finally, exception handling by pattern doesn't work on BD 6.1, but thankfully, it's supposed to be fixed in 6.2, due out sometime soon.

I haven't totally forsaken BD yet, but after the last week, I'm pretty close. Not that using JSPs for everything would be easier, but at least it would be consistent.

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