I downloaded Neuromancer today, which is a JavaScript library for doing web service calls without page requests. It's pretty slick, though it definitely has a few quirks. However, I spent some time working with it and managed to tack on what amounts to listeners for remote actions.

To put it in English, what you had to do is make your remote connection, and then do a setTimeout for a "while", and then deal with the returned values from the remote operation. Hardly ideal. My mods let you instead pass an listener (or even handler) to the remote method, and that listener is invoked when the remote method completes. Very similar to how Flash Remoting works, and much nicer to work with.

Hopefully, my changes will be incorporated into the actual Neuromancer releases, but I haven't heard back from Rob (the guy who wrote it) about that yet. If not, I'll probably make them available either as a modified gateway.js, or as a patch file for it, depending on the Neuromancer license.

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