Mail and DNS

I finally got a mail server (SMTP and POP) running on here, using a really nice "toaster" from Bill Shupp. The Courier (IMAP server) doesn't seem to work, but I know little about IMAP, and I didn't plan on using it, so I didn't spend much time troubleshooting.

I can now officially be reached at barneybdocument.write('@');, where anything. It is my intention to NEVER let go of this domain, now that I've finally gotten ahold of it (some guy in Hong Kong has had it for the past few years), so that's the email address to keep track of.

Now I'm in the process of migrating all my various domains over, both for DNS and email. The web hosting will stay dispersed, as I can't offer ColdFusion nor Access, but such is life.

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