cf.objective Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be in Minneapolis for the 2011 iteration of cf.objective.  If you've looked at the schedule, you'll know I'm speaking twice: one about progressive enhancement first thing Thursday morning after the keynote, and again Friday right after lunch about migrating your apps to the cloud.  You'll also know that there are a hell of [...]

Identity, State, Time, and Software

A few weeks ago Sean Corfield posted another entry on the "is OOP good?" debate, and while the post was specifically about a comment he received on a previous entry, he linked to a very interesting recording of a presentation from the JVM Languages Summit by Rich Hickey: Are We There Yet? – a talk [...]

A Word About Development Environments

I saw this today, and thought it hilarious:
Java, being a mainstream programming language, has attracted major software companies to pour money and human effort into it. As a consequence, a lot of good integrated development environments (IDEs) are out there. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a real programmer by using the good [...]

Groovy Gravity Processing

Groovy Gravity Processing

Joshua (a coworker) and I have been talking about gravity simulation for a while, and this week I threw together a very simple model to do exactly that.  This grew out of a game called Flotilla that he came across somewhere and has been working with the developer to add a network multiplayer mode.  Flotilla, [...]

Processing and Galcon

Processing and Galcon

I did a little experiment last night using Processing, which is a Java-based visual programming environment that I've repeatedly run into in various different contexts, but had never really done anything with.  I've become completely addicted to Galcon Lite on my iPhone, and figured it was a "sample" to build with Processing.  Note that I [...]

Polyglot Programming at cf.objective()

This afternoon I presented on Polyglot Programming at cf.objective() 2010.  Unlike most presentations I give, this one has almost no code, so the slidedeck (as a PDF) is the whole shebang.  The in-deck content is admittedly light; really just an outline to follow along as I talked.  The short version of the verbal part is:
Using [...]

Domain Model Integrity

Unlike my last several posts, this one isn't ORM related.  At least not directly.  If you're using ORM, you necessarily care about your domain model's integrity, as it's a prerequisite for ORM doing it's job, but it has nothing to do with ORM specifically.  The point of a domain model is to be a representation [...]

Simple CSS Tabs

Simple CSS Tabs

I use tabs for navigation a lot.  Not for in-page DOM swapping, but for expressing a list of available pages along with indicating which on you're on.  Pretty much every tab "system" is centered around client-side manipulation, rather than just presenting server-generated markup.  And the few counter examples don't do it in an encapsulated way, [...]

Scaling Averages By Count

One of the problems with statistics is that they work really well when you have perfect data (and therefore don't really need to do statistics), but start falling apart when the real world rears it's ugly head and gives you data that isn't all smooth.  Consider a very specific case: you have items that people [...]

Front Controllers Should NOT Extend Application.cfc

I've been playing with FW/1 a bit on a personal app, and it has proven incredibly frustrating due to multiple manifestations of a single problem: your Application.cfc HAS to extend the framework in order to use the framework.  My complaint really has nothing to do with FW/1 in particular, the exact same argument could be [...]