Polyglot Programming at cf.objective()

This afternoon I presented on Polyglot Programming at cf.objective() 2010.  Unlike most presentations I give, this one has almost no code, so the slidedeck (as a PDF) is the whole shebang.  The in-deck content is admittedly light; really just an outline to follow along as I talked.  The short version of the verbal part is:

Using multiple languages has a bit of a learning curve but it pays off, and more quickly than you think.  Language selection and design is a vital aspect to being a successful developer, both for individual projects and as part of your continuing career.

I'll probably give the presentation again on CFMeetup at some point this year, and maybe at a user group or two, so if you missed it all is not lost.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), cf.objective() is so content-rich that it's hard to get to every session you want, so if you missed it you can probably get a second chance.

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