First Person Documentation

I'm not sure when I started, but I've documented things in the first person for quite a while.  Fusedocs promoted this format, and was probably a significant influence, though I recall doing it back in college as well.  It's clearly not new or uncommon, but I just had a gentleman email me about it (based [...]

Shoot the Engineers

About a week ago, Marc Funaro wrote an interesting blog post about CFML and OO.  The prevailing opinion (via Twitter, blogs, etc) is that Marc is incorrect/inaccurate/inexperienced/whatever, and I disagree completely.  He hit the nail on the head.
HTTP is a stateless, request-response environment.  Nearly all web applications interface with a SQL database, which is also [...]

My First cf.objective()

I know I'm late to the "cf.objective() recap" party, but I've been both crazy busy and rather tired, so I haven't got to it until now.
First, I'd never been to Minneapolis before, and from the little I saw, it's a pretty nice place.  Obviously I missed the "buried under snow" part, and that definitely puts [...]

Effective Photo Manipulation

Image manipulation is a common tasks for web applications, usually centered around creating and managing thumbnails (of photos, PDFs, videos, whatever).  Photo manipulation is a subset of image manipulation, and has a couple aspects that differentiate it other types.
First and foremost, photo quality is of high importance.  Contrast this with creating a thumbnail of a [...]

Functional Programming Languages

Ever done functional programming?  Chances are you'll say "no", but you'll probably be wrong.  Javascript is a functional language, and while a lot of people use it in a procedural and/or object oriented way (\me raises hand), it's foundation is functional.  Same deal with ActionScript.  Used Groovy?  Ruby?  Python?  None are functional (let [...]

Show Me Your Tool

If you read my blog regularly, chances are you write software and therefore can't, because your tools don't exist in the visual world.  They're just magic strings of minuscule magnets on a rapidly spinning chunk of plastic…
I took my chef's knife to the sharpener a few days ago.  Cost a whopping $4 to have him [...]

HTTP is an API

Ray Camden posted an interesting article over on InsideRIA about expanding short urls using jQuery and ColdFusion.  After reading the article, I thought he was overcomplicating things somewhat by relying on the url shortening services' APIs to do the lookups.  Yes, that's what APIs are for, but for this case, HTTP happens to be a [...]

Spring 2 "scope" goodness for ColdSpring

In Spring 1.2 (and ColdSpring, which emulates it), you have the "singleton" attribute, which was a boolean flag for whether a bean is a singleton (the default) or a prototype (instantiated afresh for every getBean call).  If you've used Spring 2.0+, you've probably come across the "scope" attribute, which supersedes the "singleton" attribute, and allows [...]

Project Euler Test Harness

Project Euler is a collection of mathematics/computer science problems, as you probably already know.  I've solved almost 50 of them so far, and I've developd a collection of utilities to make my job easier.  Some of them (factorization routines, prime generators, etc.) I'm not going to share as they are fundamental to solving certain problems.  [...]

Prime Factorization

In my ongoing rampage through the Project Euler problems I've needed a prime factorization routine several times, and figured I'd share it as a complement to the sieve I shared last week.  Implemented in Groovy, of course.  Typing is a little strange on first glimpse because Groovy uses Integer by default which only supports values [...]