ColdFusion to Railo

Just completed my first port of a major app from ColdFusion to Railo.  Time elapsed from downloading the Railo WAR to my dev box to see if the app would run to reenabling the prod instance: 1.5 hours.
Downloaded the WAR, unpacked it into my webroot, unzipped a new Tomcat, set up a Context pointer to [...]

No MXUnit For Railo

I just pulled down the 1.0 release of MX Unit, and was most disappointed to see that it only works on ColdFusion:
no definition for the class … [coldfusion.cfc.CFCProxy] could be found
Since I do most of my CFML development on Railo now, it kind of leaves me stuck.  Fortunately, CFCUnit works flawlessly, but with it's definitely [...]

ColdFusion Struct Literals Fail Again

ColdFusion introduced CFML struct and array literals in CF 8.  They sucked.  Assignment only, no nesting, and the use of '=' for key-name pairs instead of ':', like every other language including other parts of CFML.  CF 8.0.1 fixed the nesting issue, but not the others.  I've been trying to figure out why it's an [...]

CF Groovy 1.0RC (With Hibernate!)

I've just released 1.0RC of CF Groovy, including Hibernate support.  You can download it, or view the demo app.  The download includes both the demo and the runtime engine.
The big new feature is Hibernate support, of course.  Here are a couple snippets from the demo app.  First, the entity class:
package com.barneyb

import javax.persistence.*

class User extends AbstractEntity [...]

CF Groovy Takes a Nap

After close to two weeks of struggling, I finally managed to deploy pure source to a CFML runtime (Railo, in this case), and get Groovy entities in and out of the database with Hibernate.  No compliation, no IDE, no development-mode server, just my Groovy source along with a hacked up CF Groovy.  This is very [...]

Railo 3 Beta 2

Railo dropped a second beta last night. Get it here. They've also added a WAR download, though it only works when installed into an existing "express" installation. Hopefully that'll get addressed for the next release.
A couple shining points about the runtime:

Array and Struct literals (the [...] and {…} notation) are expressions, exactly [...]

Railo fixes Arrays and Structs

I just got a JIRA notice that Michael fixed Railo so that arrays and structs implement java.util.List and java.util.Map respectively. This is great news, because it means it's now possible to pass nested arrays and structs to Java APIs without having to manually rewrap them. From the ticket, it looks like the fix [...]


As is typically the case, CFUNITED has a pair of themes.  There's the conference theme, which, as always, is helping CF coders become more empowered by learning about new things (OO, using CFCs, learning frameworks, etc.), and then there's the "backtheme".  This year it's all don't use only CF.  Adobe's integrating Hibernate into CF9, Railo [...]

CF Groovy

Those of you who remember CF Rhino will recognize the name for my latest little project. I whipped up a small proof-of-concept integration for Groovy into CF apps tonight while playing with some classloading issues within Groovy itself.
Groovy has a number of advantages for this type of integration of JavaScript, the biggest one being [...]