Railo 3 Beta 2

Railo dropped a second beta last night. Get it here. They've also added a WAR download, though it only works when installed into an existing "express" installation. Hopefully that'll get addressed for the next release.

A couple shining points about the runtime:

  • Array and Struct literals (the [...] and {…} notation) are expressions, exactly as they should be, unlike other CFML runtimes (cough…Coldfusion…cough).
  • Arrays and Structs now implement java.util.List and java.util.Map respectively, greatly easing Java integration. This also allows the Comparators CF Groovy example I published to work correctly on Railo.

4 responses to “Railo 3 Beta 2”

  1. Brad Wood

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is an "expression" installation?
    Also, what exactly does it mean that the array and struct literals are expressions?



  2. Brad Wood

    Ah– thank you so much for the clarification. That makes perfect sense. In fact I hadn't even thought of of those uses before. Sounds like I need to "Go Wish" something to Adobe. :)


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