As is typically the case, CFUNITED has a pair of themes.  There's the conference theme, which, as always, is helping CF coders become more empowered by learning about new things (OO, using CFCs, learning frameworks, etc.), and then there's the "backtheme".  This year it's all don't use only CF.  Adobe's integrating Hibernate into CF9, Railo is preaching the benefits of the JBoss platform (clustering, caching, Hibernate, etc.), Groovy has a lot of lovers, and Grails (which is Spring and Hibernate for Groovy) does to.

The integration of Hibernate all over the place is very exciting.  CF-based ORM tools suck, frankly.  Which isn't to belittle Mark or Doug in any way, they've done a fantastic job, it's problems with CF itself that are the issue.  With Railo's "CFC is a class" implementation, Hibernate is directly applicable.  With CF's crazy "a CFC is a bunch of classes in a Map" implementation, I'm not sure how Adobe's going to get it to work.  I'm very much hoping they fix the core issue (which would almost certainly give some nice performance benefits as well) instead of bastardizing Hibernate to get it to work, but we'll see.

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