Flash 9.0.48 for Linux

Adobe has released Flash Player 9.0.48 for Linux, and my bicycle dashboard seems to work now, which is good news, since that app was undoubtedly not the only one affected.  If you're on Linux, go get it!

Bicycle Dashboard Update

I made some mods to my bicycle reporting dashboard last night and just pushed them live.  Highlights include being able to break down the charts by bike, route, or day of week, legends to support showing multiple series, control over the chart baseline (zero or autodetect), and formatting of the "elapsed time" axis labels.
Now that [...]

Fun with Flash on Linux

So I got home this evening and wanted to record my commute with my new logger app, and guess what, it crashes Firefox. Roughly one-in-four loads of the app are successful, other attempts cause a segfault as the player tries to load the SWF. It seems to work better in SeaMonkey, but still [...]

Bicycle Goodies (i.e. Info Porn)

While on my seemingly endless airplane rides, I finished up a first draft of my bicycle reporting app, and made it available at the seemingly random address of http://www.barneyb.com/bicycle/.  ; )  Yes, it's Flex, and yes, I chose that platform of my own volition.  It's still a little rough around the edges, but it's all [...]

Another Flex Weirdness/Gotcha

Another little gotcha to watch out for with Flex.  If you have an ArrayCollection of Objects that are backing a DataGrid, you can add/remove objects from the ArrayCollection and the DataGrid will update.  However, updating properties on the objects doesn't seem to update the DataGrid until you force a redraw via some other means (e.g. [...]

List/ComboBox Row Backgrounds in Flex

All the listy components in Flex (List, Datagrid, Tree, etc.) have a protected method called drawRowBackground which is in charge of drawing the background for a given row. You typically use it to color a given row based on some facet of the data the row represents (e.g. red background for rows with a [...]

The Woes of Flex

I've been working on a big Flex project for a while now, and boy is it a pain. I have to give Adobe credit for making straightforward quite simple (linked DataGrids with drag'n'drop selection is a snap), but once you get past the basics of the framework, it gets cumbersome quickly. Flex 3 [...]