Fun with Flash on Linux

So I got home this evening and wanted to record my commute with my new logger app, and guess what, it crashes Firefox. Roughly one-in-four loads of the app are successful, other attempts cause a segfault as the player tries to load the SWF. It seems to work better in SeaMonkey, but still not perfect. I know Linux is the "we don't really care" platform for Adobe (and Macromedia before), but I'd almost prefer no player at all to a crashy one. Anyone have any hints?

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  1. Ian Fuller

    I had a similar problem with a flash 8 web2print Application. It's a real shame Adobe haven't invested more time in Linux. With WPF so close behind, making core apps available on Linux may save their skins. Anyway, I'll give this a blast on my Fedora machine tonight and let you know if I have any issues.


  2. John Dowdell

    Are you saying that one particular SWF has a 25% failure rate in one particular browser? (Or have you actually generalized the testing already?)

    Release Notes:


  3. Ian Fuller

    No problems loading your application in Linux. Gave it a good thrashing too. Two points; 1. I'm using Fedora, who have held back the firefox browser to 1.5 (you could try running 1.5). 2. I wasn't convinced that I had updated all versions of the flash player a while back, even though the installer said I had – so I searched for the so allover my machine (there were about 5 copies) and replaced them all – this guaranteed I was running the latest version (brute force I know).

    One last thing, how your tried that standalone player for linux?

    Please buzz me on my blog if you have any joy.


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