LessCss for CFML Developers

LessCss is a nifty extension to the core CSS language to support variables, calculated values, inclusion-by-reference, nesting, and some other goodies.  Basically the idea is to simplify and reduce duplication in large stylesheets.  Here's a simple example of a variable and a computed value:
@color: #fdd;
#header {
background-color: @color;
color: @color / 2;
That translates [...]

I'm on CFPanel This Evening

This evening (depending on where you live) is CFPanel, and Mark Mandel, Brian Kotek, and myself are talking about CF and Java integration.  It starts at 5pm PST (8pm EST) if you're interested in attending live, or will be available as a recording after the fact.

Circling a Cube in 3D

I put together a simple demo to showcase some of the neat stuff the CFML3D rendering engine is capable of.  The demo isn't much to look at, but what's going on under the hood is pretty cool.

"Wow!", you say, it's wobbly rotating cube with different colored faces.  You'd be wrong.
The cube is stationary, in all [...]

Mazes in 3D

Mazes in 3D

After sorting some of my issues with trig (though not all of them), I spun up some simple maze views this morning, based on Ray's maze generator.  Assume we have this maze (straight out of genMaze(10, 10) and into a printing loop like Ray demoed at CFUnited):
## ######################################
## ## [...]

3D Rendering with CFML

3D Rendering with CFML

As everyone knows, CFML is the perfect language for every sort of programming job.  Including 3D games.  The animation is a little choppy with dynamically generated images having to be streamed down from the server side, but never let technology's shortcomings stand in the way of using your favorite tool.  Unfortunately, I haven't run across [...]

CFUnited 2009

First, if you're looking for the goodies from my presentation, go here.
As always, CFUnited was a great conference. First, the location Liz (et al) found was great. Comfy room, lap pool, play pools, plenty of space to hang about, etc. There are advantages to being closer in to DC, but I'd come [...]

CFUnited (CFGroovy) Goodies

I presented CFGroovy: Groovy for the CFML Developer this year at CFUnited.  For the millions of you who wished you could have attended my presentation but were unable to make it, I've graciously made everything available for download.
If you just want the (very thin) slides, they are available in PPT and PDF format.
There is also [...]

FB3Lite Demo App

I've just created and published an exceptionally simple demo app for my FB3Lite framework.  The framework itself is what I feel to be a distillation of Fusebox 3, 4 and 5 down to it's essence, expressed using a, Fusebox 3-like syntax.  The demo is the classic "hello world" example, and can be downloaded as an [...]


UPDATE: Turns out ColdSpring already has this functionality via the 'includeMappedNames' property in recent versions.  The ColdSpring the app I was working on uses an older ColdSpring.  So if you have a recent version of ColdSpring, this CFC is irrelevant; use the built-in one.
If you use ColdSpring, chances are you've used it's AOP functionality, and [...]

CFGroovy 2 "Release"

CFGroovy 2 has been been released into the wild tonight as it's own project, separate from CFGroovy.  Read all about it on it's shiny new project page.  With the advent of CF9 and built-in ORM tooling, ongoing development with Hibernate integration seems wasteful.  Bugs will be fixed, since there are a fair number of sites [...]