Netflix Prize Within 0.5%

I was looking at the leaderboard for the Netflix Prize while waiting for a huge DB transform to complete, and saw that as of last week, BellKor/BigChaos are within half a percentage point of the required 10% improvement to win.  Yay those guys!

Dooce Got …Dooced? …Again?

Getting Slashdotted is a thing of the past, now you can get Dooced: post an entry that causes your feed subscribers to actually visit the site itself, and overwhelm your server.  Note this is definition two for 'dooced', the first being "to have posted work-related things on your personal blog and get fired for it."

Scott Adams on Iran

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) posted a very nice piece on Iran (specifically President Ahmadinejad) on his blog.  Definitely worth a read.

Flex3 Apache Module glibc Gotcha

I went to install the Flex3 Apache compiler module on my server today, and it supports glibc 2.4 and higher only, which means no RedHat 4 (or derivatives).  So no Flex server compilation for me, since there doesn't seem to be source anywhere to compile against glibc 2.3.

Flash 9.0.48 for Linux

Adobe has released Flash Player 9.0.48 for Linux, and my bicycle dashboard seems to work now, which is good news, since that app was undoubtedly not the only one affected.  If you're on Linux, go get it! LustPage

Interesting Directions

I accidentally fat fingered an address in Google Maps and got this set of directions.  Pay particular attention to segment 16.

Chris Phillips is Blogging

Chris Phillips (another Portland CFer) is finally blogging, which is good, because we need more tall skinny guys in the blogosphere.

I was Interviewed! did an interview with me last month on (surprise) ColdFusion frameworks, and they've just published it.

Great Video

Not work safe (unless you've got headphones), but a great video none the less.  Very creative.

cf.objective 2007 Session Listing

Jared has posted a partial cf.objective 2007 session listing on the conference site.