Outlook Web App Title Bar

If you've used the Outlook Web App in the past, you were likely unimpressed.  I was.  Until the latest version (number 14), that is.  It's not GMail, but it's absolutely above the "usable" threshold, which is awesome.  And I might add that I'm using it in Firefox on Linux – not Microsoft's favorite platform.  However, [...]

ColdFusion null Gotcha

As you probably know, CFML doesn't have any concept of nulls within it's own type system. It has some facilities for dealing with nulls due to interfaces with other type systems (e.g., from Java or JavaScript).  At least on ColdFusion, it's not perfect.  Consider this code:
s = {
'javaCast' = javaCast('null', 0),
'json' [...]

Holy Cock Pants, Batman!

So after getting my dose of bagpipes for the evening, I was playing on Kim's computer and discovered there is exactly one page in Google's index containing the phrase ""holy cock pants, batman!"
Aside from the obvious awesomeness of the phrase, I was rather surprised to find a relatively short phrase with exactly one instance in [...]

setTimeout/setInterval Bug in Android 2.2 WebKit

If you develop web apps for Android devices, there's a really gnarly bug you should be aware of: setTimeout and setInterval will never fire while the soft keyboard is open.  When the soft keyboard closes, all the queued up timeouts/intervals will unspool all at once, which is not terribly good, but better than them disappearing.  [...]

Lego Ad

Lego Ad

Minor Shortcodes Update

Last winter I released a CFML port of the WordPress Shortcodes functionality.  It's proven both very useful and very flexible in the real world, exactly as I'd hoped it would.  I tried to make a very direct port of the PHP, but after using it on a number of projects, I found myself reimplementing the [...]

OSX-Ordered Buttons

If you've used both Windows and OSX, you've probably noticed that the standard button ordering is different.  For a simple confirm dialog, Windows typically renders the buttons centered at the bottom of the dialog, with the 'OK' button to the left of the 'Cancel' button.  On OSX, the buttons are rendered to the right at [...]

Identity, State, Time, and Software

A few weeks ago Sean Corfield posted another entry on the "is OOP good?" debate, and while the post was specifically about a comment he received on a previous entry, he linked to a very interesting recording of a presentation from the JVM Languages Summit by Rich Hickey: Are We There Yet? – a talk [...]

Amazon S3 CFC Now Supports Paged Lists

The initial implementation of the listObjects method on my Amazon S3 CFC didn't include any means for paging through records.  The default behaviour of S3 when doing a listObjects request (a GET of the bucket) is to return the first 1000 keys in alphabetical order, and then truncate the result.
There are now two more parameters [...]



If you don't know, Quadrilla is a simple modular wooden marble run.  The kids spent much of the day running marbles through a couple of the instructions-included models.  Not just one at a time either; the only thing constraining the number of marbles running at any given time was the speed which they could pick [...]