Need A Job?

I have a need.  A pressing need.  I need new coworkers.  Three of them.

Boring stuff first.  Mentor Graphics Corp is the EDA industry leader and makes all kinds of crazy design and simulation software for electrical engineers, and now embedded developers.  If you have a cell phone or a computer, it's almost guaranteed that you're using something which either embeds Mentor IP or was designed/tested/manufactured with the help of Mentor products.  The company is about a billion dollars in annual revenue and publicly traded.  Our team is currently seven application developers plus a designer, a front-end developer, a multimedia guy, a content editor, and a couple of operations people.  Plus Ron, our boss.  We're hiring three more application developers.  The positions are full-time, on-site, in Wilsonville OR.  Blah, blah, blah.

I work in the corporate marketing department (which is weird, but bear with me) on the web services team which is responsible for pretty much all the public-facing web infrastructure for the company. is the primary property, but we run the support portal, an internal business intelligence application, corporate blog hosting, and a couple industry journal sites.  We own everything that comes after the business requirements; divisions in the company come to us with business problems, and we spec, architect, implement, and host the solutions.  Despite the fact we're in the marketing department, IT comes to us for expertise.  Our primary platform is Adobe ColdFusion, but we support Groovy, Java, PHP, and Python for different applications where there was a compelling case to not choose a CFML-based solution.

Now the interesting stuff.

There is a formal job description somewhere, but I don't know where, and I wouldn't link to it even if I did.  If you want to work here, you need two things:

  • technical competence
  • a passion for development

We expect you to be able to not only implement a spec, but also design solutions.  You shouldn't have to be reminded that not everyone speaks English and that clocks around the world don't all say the same time.  You should know why pure functional languages don't have synchronized blocks.  You should have a preference between emacs and vi and be able to articulate in two sentences or less.  You should have commits to some public VCS repository somewhere.  You want to be part of a large non-hierarchical team working on a variety of projects.  You should know what MVCC stands for without looking it up.  You should want to help the six-months-from-now you have less pain, even if it takes a little more work today.  You shouldn't be proficient in all of Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Lisp.  You should be proficient in at least one of them, and be competent in at least one more, and be able to compare and contrast the merits of the rest.

If that sounds like you, drop me an email at or  Ron wants a resume, but I want two paragraphs and ~30 lines of interesting code.  Not 40, not 20.

Our hiring process is straightforward: get your info, quick mini-interview via phone, a simple code test, and an on-site interview to meet the team.  Mentor pays competitively, and has exceptional benefits beyond the salary.  Positions are full time, relocation assistance is likely available if you're not in the area – working remote is not an option.  Ron is very reasonable: if you're the right person, he'll go to bat for you/him/me to ensure things work.  Everyone here understands that spending a little cash to get the right people pays off every time.

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  1. Allen

    It's refreshing to see a well written requisition.