Tulsa CFUG Presentation (CFGroovy)

Yesterday I presented CFGroovy to the Tulsa CFUG via Connect.  The recording is now available on Connect, thanks to Steve.  You can also grab the slidedeck (as a PDF) I skimmed through, and of course, the CFGroovy framework itself (project page, core SVN, demo SVN), including the demo files that I showed.  Note that the slidedeck is actually titled 'Polyglot Programming' and served as an introduction as to why you might want to use Groovy (or another language) before delving into how you'd actually do it.

3 responses to “Tulsa CFUG Presentation (CFGroovy)”

  1. John Whish

    Hi Barney – the slidedeck link goes to your 'Polyglot_Programming.pdf'. Would you mind posting the link to the CFGroovy slidedeck please?


  2. John Whish

    Hi Barney – OK!

    I've been meaning to look at this for a long time, and it's now 2 years since you posted it!

    Need to stretch myself beyond CFML and it makes sense to look at a language I can use day-to-day to help me really learn it (and remember it)