CFGroovy 2 "Release"

CFGroovy 2 has been been released into the wild tonight as it's own project, separate from CFGroovy.  Read all about it on it's shiny new project page.  With the advent of CF9 and built-in ORM tooling, ongoing development with Hibernate integration seems wasteful.  Bugs will be fixed, since there are a fair number of sites using it, but ongoing development will basically cease.

CFGroovy 2 is crazy simple, and will probably remain that way.  The concept of a Groovy path would useful, but that's about it for a roadmap at this point.  It currently stands at 88 lines, much of which could be culled if I didn't want to have dynamic loading of the Groovy JAR if it's not already on the classpath.  However, from an ease-of-use perspective for people trying it out, I feel it's an essential feature and worth a bit of extra cruft.

Yay for single-file microframeworks!

One response to “CFGroovy 2 "Release"”

  1. Gareth Arch

    Just getting around to playing around with your CFGroovy script. I've never tinkered with Groovy before, but this microframework really makes it easy to get your feet wet. I figured that using groovy objects must be difficult, but nope, still easy :)