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CFGroovy in Forty Lines

It's been a couple months since I've done anything with CFGroovy.  I've been mulling how to get back to the essence, which is Groovy scriptlets in CFML.  Today at cf.objective() I put my fingers back on the keyboard for the first time.  Here's a full implementation of the tag in 40 lines.  There are [...]

Random ColdSpring Weirdness

Just had a totally random thing happen with ColdSpring.  I'm a big fan of the use-advice-as-advisor shortcut when you want to proxy every method on a bean.  I use it all over the place.  Tonight, however, it completely failed.  No idea why.  This app (PotD) has been running with the same version of ColdSpring for [...]

Das "Most Disappointing" Keyboard

Das "Most Disappointing" Keyboard

As you probably know, I got a Das Keyboard a little while ago, because my previous keyboard, which I liked very much, started getting a couple sticky keys.  I'll freely admit I'm a keyboard snob, but I don't think it's terribly unreasonable given how much time I spend typing.  Unfortunately, Das Keyboard has proven to [...] Is Live

One of my WordPress projects was helping a friend move her blog from TypePad over to a self-hosted WordPress with a shiny new domain name:  As of today she's made the official "welcome" post, and the new site is running like a champ.  She's still some design stuff, but that's just icing on the [...]

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.  In particular:

Barney and Peggy's mother

All these mothers too, of course:

Lindsay and Emery's mother
Richard, Thomas, Robert, Dorothy, Dolores, and Carolyn's mother
Susan, Thomas, Gerald, and Renee's late mother
Nikolai and Gabriel's mother
Adelaide's late mother
Adalina and Matteo's mother
Christopher, Moira, Iain, and Michaela's mother
Teresa, Matthew, Anthony, and Maggie's mother
Sally and Marie's mother
Sarah, [...]

The Kember Identity Hash

A few days ago I saw a tweet from Steve Withington about the Kember Identity Hash.  I whipped up a searcher in Groovy, just for the hell of it, and have been running it for the past couple days on my office machine when I'm not using it.  Aside from the sheer pointlessness of the [...]

What the Hell is Wrong With Me?

For the past month or so I've written more PHP than every other language combined.  That's including English.  Really.  Four separate WordPress projects (two standalone, two MU), one of which is a blogging platform for Mentor Graphics, and I'm up to my neck.  I'm a CFML developer by profession; I think I got off at [...]

WordPress MU – No Longer a Bare-Domain Nazi

A week or three ago I learned that WordPress MU was explicitly coded to refuse to run on a 'www' subdomain, instead forcing you to run it on the bare domain.  While running your website on the bare domain is certainly a reasonable thing to do, forcing users of your software to do it seemed, [...]

Irish Tunes means Irish Whiskey

At least according to Pandora.  I've not noticed music-tuned ads before, so maybe it's just a coincidence, but interesting none the less.  Or I'm just drunk and wishing I'd gone to Lacuna Coil and Disturbed with certain other CF guys.