CFGroovy And Script Output

One final CFGroovy update for cf.objective() 2009, and then heading to a plane.

In the first version of CFGroovy output generated by your script was discarded.  This fit the original concept behind scriptlets well, but it made debugging kind of a pain, because you had to exit the script in order to dump out any state.  With the CFGroovy2 implementation, output from your script is passed off to the normal page output, just as you'd expect.  The demo (source or output) now showcases this using in-script emission of the list that it builds, rather than CFDUMPing it between scripts.

3 responses to “CFGroovy And Script Output”

  1. James Allen

    Hi Barney,
    Just a quick comment to say that your demo link isn't working – it's showing the sourcecode instead of executing the CFM.

    Must say I've just read more about CFGroovy and it sounds immence. The ability to run PHP and Grooby inline etc sounds superb. Great work.

  2. James Allen

    Ah damn it, sorry Barney.

    I did think it might have been intentional but wasn't sure and seeing the index.cfm I thought it should have been interpreted.

    Good to see a live demo now though.