CFGroovy 1.0!

After a lengthy burn in period, I've officially released CFGroovy 1.0.  It is identical to CFGroovy 1.0RC3, so if you're running that version there is no need to upgrade.  You can get the 1.0 engine binaries, 1.0 demo binaries (including the engine), view the 1.0 tag in Subversion (engine or demo), or visit the project page for more detailed info.

CFGroovy, for those unfamiliar with it, is a Groovy integration package for Railo and ColdFusion allowing you to leverage Groovy from within CFML applications.  It also provides a plugin for enabling Hibernate support, allowing you to use the 800-pound gorilla of ORM tools in a fully dynamic environment (no compilation, no container restarts).

7 responses to “CFGroovy 1.0!”

  1. Henry Ho


  2. David McGuigan

    Hey Barney,
    I think a lot of CF developers would be interested in a quick post detailing why a CF developer might want to get into Groovy, what you can do with it that you can't in CF, or do better or more easily than you can with CF.

    I think I've glanced over the Groovy site a few times, but have always walked away without giving it much of a second though. I'd love to know what I'm missing from a ColdFusion perspective.


  3. Why You Should Care About Groovy at BarneyBlog

    [...] If you know anything about me, you probably know that I'm a big fan of Groovy.  But why?  I've never really addressed that question head on, I don't think, so I'm going to do that here (prompted by a comment from David McGuigan on my CFGroovy 1.0 post). [...]

  4. Guillaume Laforge

    Perhaps you could even blog that announcement on the Groovy blog itself? (you just need to register to post news there). It may be of interest to the Groovy community as much as to the ColdFusion community?

  5. tom

    hey, i have tried everything.. but coldfusion, no matter where i place the jar file… gives me

    Could not find the ColdFusion Component or Interface groovyEngine.cfgroovy

    thanks in advance

  6. tom

    cool, works with the mapping! thanks Barney!