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The Cookie Militia

The Cookie Militia

Saw this on and had to share:

Open Pandora

Based on several suggestions after my last post, I gave OpenPandora another try.  So far it's been pretty stable and handles the new player layout correctly.  Nice to have my keyboard shortcuts back, though it does occasionally throw up "do you want to debug this error" dialogs (from Visual Studio, I'm guessing?).  But working well [...]

Pandora Bookmarklet

Ever since Pandora prevented accessing the miniplayer directly a few months ago, I've been using a little bookmarklet to fake it.  Set as my IE homepage (about the only thing I use IE for) and put the bookmarklet in my links bar to click immediately after launch.  Net result: a perfectly sized window, hiding [...]

HTTP is an API

Ray Camden posted an interesting article over on InsideRIA about expanding short urls using jQuery and ColdFusion.  After reading the article, I thought he was overcomplicating things somewhat by relying on the url shortening services' APIs to do the lookups.  Yes, that's what APIs are for, but for this case, HTTP happens to be a [...]

Spring 2 "scope" goodness for ColdSpring

In Spring 1.2 (and ColdSpring, which emulates it), you have the "singleton" attribute, which was a boolean flag for whether a bean is a singleton (the default) or a prototype (instantiated afresh for every getBean call).  If you've used Spring 2.0+, you've probably come across the "scope" attribute, which supersedes the "singleton" attribute, and allows [...]

Project Euler Test Harness

Project Euler is a collection of mathematics/computer science problems, as you probably already know.  I've solved almost 50 of them so far, and I've developd a collection of utilities to make my job easier.  Some of them (factorization routines, prime generators, etc.) I'm not going to share as they are fundamental to solving certain problems.  [...]

A Groovy Letdown

I'm a huge fan of Groovy, but it's major downside drove over me like a bus this evening.  What's that, you say?  Performance, of course.  Runtime "stuff" necessarily happens at runtime, and therefore affects performance.  Does this matter in most cases?  No, absolutely not.  In general it's far cheaper to buy hardware than to employ [...]

My Dinner

Like most things, cooking is usually better done simply.

5 rashers of thick bacon
1 large sweet onion
1/2 green pepper
2 stalks celery
1 still-warm baguette
1 box rice pilaf (yeah, I know)

Put on some music (Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2 and Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini for me), and pour a glass of wine (but not the stuff I [...]

Hiking in the Gorge

Sunday is usually the day I get up and do laundry, because the only other time I have to do it is while the kids are sleeping.  They probably don't care, but laundry at bedtime bugs the hell out of me, so I try not to do it.  Today, however, was going to be different.  [...]