January 2009

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My Found Art Finder

I was bored tonight, so I found some art.  And being the good programmer, generalized it to create a tool for others to find their own art.  Here are a couple samples (dynamically generated):

You can also grab the source from Subversion.  It's quite simple, it's not very scalable, and dear god please let CF9 make [...]

More CFGroovy Goodness, Now With RC2

Four things of import, in no particular order:
First, another bug fix to CFGroovy today, this one more serious.  I made a silly blunder in the way I was executing scriptlets that lead to a slow memory leak from extraneous java.lang.Class instances being created.  It also reduced performance of scriptlets by a tangible amount.  If you're [...]

Mentor.com Accounts are Live!

And why am I writing about this?  Because it's also the first CFGroovy / Hibernate app we've deployed into production.  So how did this first real-world adventure go for my youngest project?  Just swimmingly.
The adoption was actually championed by Joshua since I was working on another project at the time.  We went skunk-works, helped Koen [...]

CFGroovy HibernateTransactionAdvice Update

If you've used the HibernateTransactionAdvice CFC from the CFGroovy framework you may have witnessed weird behaviour after a failed transaction.  I had neglected to close the active session after an error is encountered and the transaction rolled back.  If you continued to use the Hibernate context after this happened for write operations you could encounter [...]

2008 in Numbers

Here are some numbers for 2008, in ascending order:

1 – birthdays I had
106 – blogs posts on barneyb.com
246 – tweets (I started halfway through the year)
366 – total days
411 – "real" email conversations (excluding all mailing lists)
458 – real comments on barneyb.com
1,609 – Google Talk conversations
1,627 – commits to my personal Subversion repository
2,084 – hours [...]

getSubversionRevision UDF

First, a confession.   I cheat hard-core on the deployment for most of my personal apps.  In almost all cases I check out a working directory in the production webroot and just use `svn update` to "deploy".  I've a couple apps that I use an Ant/Rsync-based mechanism to deploy where I actually have stuff to build, [...]

User Stylesheets

Just used a user stylesheet for the first time yesterday for tweaking WordPress 2.7's new QuickPress widget.  The TEXTAREA for entering the body is way too short, but a simple line in my userContent.css file and it's magically fixed.  Not even remotely the use case user stylesheets were designed to handle, but it's simple and [...]