Accounts are Live!

And why am I writing about this?  Because it's also the first CFGroovy / Hibernate app we've deployed into production.  So how did this first real-world adventure go for my youngest project?  Just swimmingly.

The adoption was actually championed by Joshua since I was working on another project at the time.  We went skunk-works, helped Koen set up the infrastructure to get started, and she went to town.  In came Rob and Mike to help out on this and it's sister project (also using CFGroovy / Hibernate) and away we went.

Joshua had done some Groovy and some Hibernate (including both CFGroovy and Grails) before, but the rest were new to the language and frameworks.  Not that this was a problem.  The Groovy syntax proved very straightforward (as expected), Hibernate was ridiculously simple to use since we just let it manage the mapping/schema with defaults (also as expected), and CFGroovy's development experience proved exactly what I'd hoped: virtually no change from normal CFML development aside from basically skipping the database and persistence operations.

So we (as a team) are excited, and I'm doubly excited, even though I barely worked on the app at all.  I've used CFGroovy on several of my own projects, but having a team of other people use it successfully (and enjoy it!) is really gratifying.

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  1. Dodo

    Well done!