More CFGroovy Goodness, Now With RC2

Four things of import, in no particular order:

First, another bug fix to CFGroovy today, this one more serious.  I made a silly blunder in the way I was executing scriptlets that lead to a slow memory leak from extraneous java.lang.Class instances being created.  It also reduced performance of scriptlets by a tangible amount.  If you're using CFGroovy under any sort of load, this is a highly recommended update.  It's a very slow leak, but leak none the less, and you'll appreciate the performance improvement even though it was already quite fast.

Second, I've deprecated the 'attributes' binding in favor of a new 'params' binding.  I initially picked 'attributes' because of Fusebox's use of it, but the semantics are different and I've changed my mind.  You can still use 'attributes', but it'll go away at some point so start using 'params'.  If you're using CFGroovy with Fusebox, you can access the Fusebox attributes scope at 'variables.attributes' as you have always been able to.

Third, it turns out that account was not the first production deploy of CFGroovy at Mentor.  Our backend interaction services have been running on CFGroovy for a while now and I didn't know about it.  Guess how I discovered this?  Yep, the now-fixed memory leak.  ; )

Finally, I've made a formal RC2 release available for download.  This includes the three patches since the RC1 release.  There will probably be another RC with a couple small tweaks to the Hibernate loading, but I wanted to make a formal release available with the scriptlet issue resolved.

One response to “More CFGroovy Goodness, Now With RC2”

  1. Henry Ho

    Thank you for actively developing CFGroovy! Can't wait to use it.