Are you a CF Rock Star?

Mentor Graphics (where I work) is looking for a top-notch CF/Flex/Java architect/developer to join our team.  There are five of us at the moment, and we need another one.  This is an on-site position in Wilsonville, OR (just south of Portland), and relocation assistance is available.

The "official" qualifications are pretty typical, and largely waive-able for the right candidate.  So here are the "real" ones:

  • know what ColdSpring (or Spring) is and understand why you'd use it
  • be able to compare and contrast, at least at a high level, a few Front Controller frameworks
  • articulate a considered opinion on JS vs. Flash for RIAs in different scenarios
  • know your way around Java SE and the Servlet API (more of JEE a plus)
  • explain why you'd use SOAP in a pure-CFML application that a single team owns from top to bottom
  • use CFEclipse because of Eclipse, not the reverse

Our work environment is casual.  We share a single "office" and spend a lot of time sitting at each other's desks working together and we have a dedicated "war room" for more in-depth discussion and planning (and a Wii for unwinding).  If you tuck your shirt in, you're probably overdressed.

Compensation is quite good, both the raw salary and the myriad benefits.  Mentor is a large, stable company, but without the Dilbert-esque nature.  The org chart is a meritocracy, pragmatism reigns supreme, and most of of the decisions (technical, architectural, etc.) are driven from the bottom up, not top down.

If this sounds like a place you want to work, shoot me a resume at and I'll forward it to Ron.  The hiring process is simple: resume, phone screen, on-site interview.

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