Sleepy Groovy

I just finished whipping up a quick little expense tracking app for Heather and me, and I'm again amazed at how wonderful the development experience is with FB3Lite, ColdSpring, and CFGroovy (Groovy and Hibernate for CFML).  When I was finished with the core functionality, I couldn't figure out where the app was.  There were my entities (in Groovy), my dsp_ files (in CFML), fbx_Switch.cfm, and a single CFC with a bunch of 1-3 line methods.  It's absolutely ridiculous how much code Hibernate saves you from writing with it's three pronged attack: HQL, state-based persistence, and transitive persistence (in an out).  It's further ridiculous how much code Groovy saves you in implementing entities.  With those two in place, CFML simply shines implementing the UI layer (with a snippet or three of Groovy in the mix).  Oh, and it's fast.

5 responses to “Sleepy Groovy”

  1. Raymond Camden

    Have you published any of this to RIAForge yet?

  2. Dan Vega

    First off I took a look at the CFGroovy project and I have to say great work so far. In all of your examples I saw way to sprinkle groovy throughout the code but no examples of way to use it as the model. Is there a way to remove my components and use it as the model? The one problem I have with CFC's (should be better in CF9) is that they are way to verbose for my liking. Either way keep up the great work and any little apps that you could post that show CFGroovy in the wild would help those of us interested in using it. Keep up the great work!

  3. Joe Roberts


    Kudos to you, this really is a great demo! Installed on my machine with no problems whatsoever, thanks for your efforts.