More FlexChart Stuff

I've made another minor enhancement to FlexChart, this time around grouped legends.  Previously, if you mixed grouped series and ungrouped series (e.g. a stacked column chart with a line series overlaid), the legend would be all kinds of wonky for the line series.  I've fixed that so it'll now render in a reasonable way.

As always, the demo app (with a new preconfigured chart illustrating the functionality) is available at, including instructions for downloading both the source and the binaries.

I've also received a couple questions about cross-platform support.  There is absolutely nothing CFML specific about the component.  I happen to package a CF custom tag with the SWF, and the demo app is written in CFML, but the component itself only deals with the Flash Player and XML.  I've personally fed it XML with GroovyServlet and PHP, as well as ColdFusion and Railo.

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