CFGroovy Demo App Update

A couple users complained that my CF Groovy demo app doesn't work on MS SQL Server because Hibernate doesn't escape the table names it creates, and "user" is a reserved word.  Since I do all my work on MySQL, I never saw the issue.

I've updated the code to use an @Table annotation to specify an alternate table name ("user_t") to use, to alleviate the issue.  No other code changed.  If you update to the new code, your existing data will "disappear".  In reality, it doesn't disappear, Hibernate just created a new blank table with the new name.  If you want the old data back, just do a "insert into user_t select from User;" (or whatever the equivalent is), and then drop the "User" table.

As always, the demo is available at:, including instructions on how to get the latest code.

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