Thread.setContextClassLoader Doesn't Work on CF 8.0.0

I know the number of CF 8.0.0 installs is probably pretty minimal compared to CF 8.0.1, but thought this was worth pointing out.  If you use Thread.setContextClassLoader on CF 8.0.0, it raises no exception, but it doesn't actually set the ClassLoader for the thread.

I ran into this today using my CF Groovy/Hibernate integration on one of my existing CF installs that is still 8.0.0.  It totally bombs, because the classloading trickery fails if it can't set up a classloader.  After spending a bunch of time on it, I just gave up, as nothing I tried had any effect.

Both CF 8.0.1 and Railo 3.0b2 correctly allow overriding the context ClassLoader, and can therefore use the Hibernate via CF Groovy.  I haven't tried in a while, but OBD exhibited similar symptoms as CF 8.0.0 when trying to run Hibernate, so it may suffer from the same problem.  This only affects the Hibernate stuff I'm doing, the base Groovy integration requires no ClassLoader trickery, so it works on all four without issue (and probably CF 7 too).

I should also note that this is NOT the underlying JVM.  I use the same JVM (a 1.6 series from Sun) for all my stuff, both development and production.

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