And Again!

Another update to FlexChart this evening, providing set and series colors (both fills and strokes), an option for including/excluding the legend when exporting a chart to PNG, and a few new examples showcasing the features (including some really ugly developer art).

With the coloring support, the 'Grouped Series' example makes a lot more visual sense, so if you thought WTF yesterday, go look at it again.  ;)

3 responses to “And Again!”

  1. stef

    thanks for flexchart – great work and contribution to the flex community. cheers! stef

  2. Erik

    This is great, but the PNG export is producing a corrupt file. The PNG views fine in IE 7 and FF, but neither app can print it. IE prints an empty box with the 'missing image' x in upper right corner, and FF prints an image that is nearly all black.
    I can't even open the PNG in Photoshop. It says "Could not complete your request because the file-format module could not parse the file".
    Do you have any workaround to this issue?