This is the demo site for FlexChart, a simple charting engine built in Flex. For more details, check my blog. The engine accepts an XML descriptor file for what to render and how. The demo uses static XML files, but they can easily be generated by whatever server-side language you currently use.

The demo below is live; edit the XML and hit 'Update Chart' to see the chart redrawn in realtime. Or use the drop down to select a different starting point.

chart goes here
Descriptor Editor

There are three download flavors available:

binary (FlexChart.swf)
the precompiled SWF suitable for loading with SWFObject and fed XML from any platform. This is what you want for embedding in your own JS applications.
binary (demo app)
this demo app including FlexChart.swf. Unzip and run on any web server. Adobe CF 8 or Railo 3 is required for export functionality. Also include 'simple_index.cfm' which uses the CFML custom tag.
packaged as a FlexBuilder 3 project, including the core, the unit tests, and the demo project.

There is inline documentation throughout the sample app and FlexChart.mxml (the rendering engine). However, if you want to get the most of the engine, you're going to want to read some source.