FlexChart Update

Long time no blog…  I've updated my FlexChart component slightly, as well as repackaged it for easier consumption.  The new feature is the availability of a 'dataTipFunction' attribute on the root 'chart' element, which will be called to format data tips.  It gets passed an object with various keys about the backing chart item.  Since that's all it gets (rather than a HitData instance), it's not as powerful as the native Flex capabilities, but it gets the job done with pure JS.

The repackaging was to a binary (precompiled) format, rather than requiring the server compilation I'd originally built it with.  The old style is still available where it always has been, but the preferred usage is now either the distribution directory (svn) or the FlexBuilder project itself.  With the new model, you just drop the compiled binaries (yours or mine) into any web-accessible directory and use them, regardless of whether you have LCDS installed to do the compilation.

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